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Pro Prankster Introduction

Postby ProPrankster » Sat Apr 23, 2016 3:08 pm

Welcome to, the place where professional pranksters share expert knowledge, master advice, professional insights, first rate resources and hilarious inspiration with people who want to write, produce, direct or simply learn more about top tier pranks designed to be distributed through broadcast networks or internet video distribution channels. Founder - Short Bio

Damon Zwicker is founder of, the leading education and training organization for creating professional pranks. Damon is a producer, director and actor across thousands of hours of prank television shows including TRU TV's 'Fameless', YouTube Red's 'Scare Pewdiepie', SyFy's 'Scare Tactics', NBC's 'Spy TV' and "$25 Million Dollar Hoax', and TBS's 'Deal with It' to name a few. Damon is currently producing 12 episodes of the hit television show 'Fameless' on TRU TV. You can find Damon on Twitter @Damon_Zwicker. If you ever see Damon in person, introduce yourself, he’ll be happy to meet you.

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