Actors are Key!

Questions & Answers about actors involved in pranks.
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Actors are Key!

Postby ProPrankster » Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:33 pm

Every prank needs great actors. Use SAG/AFTRA actors. SAG/AFTRA actors are the best. They're professional, they've worked hard and they've earned their stripes acting in some form. For the most part, SAG/AFTRA cards aren't given away. There are still a few channels that allow friends and family of producers to sneak their way into SAG/AFTRA, but overall, SAG/AFTRA actors are simply the premium choice. SAG/AFTRA actors have worked on professional sets where companies spend a lot of money. This is the entertainment BUSINESS, people want to make money and make a living in this BUSINESS.

Can you find good actors who are not SAG/AFTRA card holders? Absolutely. There are obviously great actors who have not been discovered or given the SAG/AFTRA job yet, if you want to be the person to discover the next Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Downey Jr., Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper or Brad Pitt then be prepared to weed through thousands of headshots that can simply "point and click" their way into your submission box. Also remember that these top stars weren't made overnight, they've typically work a lot of low paying, less that starring roles that have helped them improve their craft. Casting is one of the hardest jobs your project will face.

Prank actors have the hardest job! They are asked to live and breath believably in absurd worlds, they are asked to listen to the "mark" while taking direction from the director who is talking to them through an IFB earwig all while performing live. There are no second takes and if an actor messes up it effects the entire cast and crew. Prank actors only have one shot and they better get it right or they probably won't be asked back.

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