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Production Designers

Postby ProPrankster » Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:58 pm

Hire a great production designer. In film and television, a production designer is the person responsible for the physical overall look of a filmed event such as a TV program, video game, music video, or advertisement. Production Designers work directly with the director and producer and help determine the settings and style to visually tell the story. The term "production designer" was coined by William Cameron Menzies while he was working on the film Gone with the Wind. Previously (and often subsequently) the people with the same responsibilities were called "art directors".

When producing pranks, you need a production designer who can cover so many different aspects of the project, from set decoration, props, set design and builds as well as someone who can collaborate with the director of photography on practical lighting that is properly color balanced for the cameras, technical aspects of two way mirrors and most importantly designs camera hides that won't be noticed by the "mark". My most important factors in hiring this position are the following: an incredible manager, an excellent communicator and an excellent eye for style. There's no way one person can handle all these facets alone, they've got to be able to hire the right right team, manage and communicate a vision to that team and most importantly, the production designer should always be the "final eyes" on the visual aesthetic of every prank you perform.

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